Highlights Of Metal Casting Processes

Metal casting processes and its works are servicing numerous industries and commercial businesses. Not even at the foot of the iceberg, metal casting services work is building ingot molds, coke oven doors and slag pots.

metal casting services

The work is now a sustainable development in the sense that the metal casting lot has also become distributors of scrap metal.

Which means to say that from an environmentally conscious point of view, nothing needs to go to waste anymore. All products produced on behalf of commercial and industrial clients are engineered and custom-built. The business offers full service and support in the line of importing, exporting and distributing required products and materials.

This is a business that is known to be of service to the mining, iron ore and steel industries. Not close to the tip of the iceberg, they all have a requirement for pigments, mill scales, iron oxide, grate bars, steel trumpets, as well as coke oven doors. During the production of coke oven doors, frames and plugs, there is a preference for the use of compacted graphite (CG) iron. The motivations for this preference are strong and sound.

Under normal but extreme circumstances, warpage and cracking would occur. Coke oven castings are put through the extremities of heating and cooling cycles over a number of years. But with the use of CG the technology is now in to allow manufacturers and industrialists to greatly reduce their maintenance costs and improve their air quality through the reduction of leaks. CG is nowhere as close to breaking and cracking as easily as gray iron.

They do not deform or deflect in the way that ductile iron would. CG iron has superior solutions to solving all problems related to warpage, leaking and other negatives caused by long exposure to high temperatures.

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